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Leadership Audit And Talent Review

  • Do you as an Organization plan on differentiating your talent or does only performance differentiate talent?

  • How can you use assessment data to future proof yourselves?

  • Does an internal candidate get a fair chance at career growth in the organization?

A regular leadership Audit and Talent review process informs us of the complete and total repository of talent that the organization has. An audit ensures that the decisions that are taking place are based on carefully evaluated data, and not ad-hoc. It also allows organizations to benchmark their talent data with external data that can be from similar or different sectors. A rigorous audit and review process will also ascertain the width and depth of leader pipeline, and therefore it can be augmented to ensure that risk on account of talent is mitigated. As the organization plans for delivering on future strategy, again talent gaps can be supplemented.

High Potential Identification & Management

  • How important is it to build the capability to identify the next set of Leaders?

  • Are you as an organization clear on the purpose of such Assessments?

  • Having identified the real stars, what do you put in place is the real question?

A High Potential Identification and Management process identifies the Stars who constitute the mission-critical talent and need a differentiated development and refinement initiative. It allows the organization to test the difference as they should between performance and potential, and how best to decode it. A program that further accelerates the high potentials’ development to take on key and challenging roles, which brings out the best in them. And in the process also creates a real Leadership Bench strength for the organization to call out when needed. A program that will make the High Potential organizational resources and pave the way for career planning to ensure high retention and engagement with them. As it is internationalized in the organization, it should be a frequent exercise so that the real leaders surface up.

Leadership Development Programs

  • Is there a holistic program in the organization that caters to developing leadership caliber across levels?

  • Providing individual development is a difficult exercise, however, do you ensure that programmatically you enable individual development for each employee of the organization?

  • Is there a structured program available for your employees that provides them with inputs on how to step up to the performance levels expected of them by the organization?

Leadership Development Programs are highly customized and cocreated to deliver leadership skills development at all levels, across the organization. What are some of the challenges being faced by our leaders, and how have we equipped them to beat those challenges. Our program adopts a 70-20-10 formula and provides for learning experiences while delivering on the job (70%), getting coaching and mentoring to understand and glean from leadership experiences (20%) plus gaining conceptual understanding (10%). These programs are project managed to ensure that all elements of the program stay aligned and the intervention delivers holistically to the participants and the organization equally. Building accountability and practicing new skills and behaviors allows for more Leaders to be created at every level, besides tracking impact on predefined metrics.

Executive Coaching

  • How do you prepare your leaders for more challenging and complex roles?

  • Having identified high potential talent, are you sure of what is it that they require to deliver on a higher set of responsibilities?

  • How do you ensure that leaders are building more robust and meaningful Development Plans?

Executive Coaching engages with the leaders to provide them a holistic lens of themselves to pave the way for mindfulness and heightened awareness of their leadership style. To build awareness and provide a space for reflections is the foremost goal of executive coaching. To get the leaders to make commitments on what they would like to change within themselves reflected in their behavior plus be accountable for those changes, is also a goal of executive coaching. Couple the executive’s reflection data with what an independent assessment throws up, provides a journey for leaders to walk on. The process helps develop insightful behavior and makes for more leadership impact.

Succession Planning For An Industrial Power House

We helped Karam Industries, India’s one of the leading Safety Manufacturing companies and also an OEM for the world’s biggest brand names, with a Succession Planning exercise to create a strong Leadership Pipeline for the organization.

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