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Build Personal Resilience

One of the most common problems individuals are facing and doing so increasingly is STRESS, and thanks to the dynamic work and life environment, there is no fixed set of solutions available. Today, to enhance and prosper at work, you need to develop your capacity to deal with stress and its causes, in other words, to build your resilience. 

In this program, we will explore the nature of stress, its sources, the impact, and also the ways to build your own capacity to deal with it effectively or in other words build your personal resilience. The guided activities, including a sustainable approach, will help identify the stressors, and figure out the best ways to respond to them.

Dealing with WFH Challenges

Work From Home (WFH) is not a new concept and was in practice for a long in select situations. However, during POST-COVID and lockdown periods organizations were forced to adopt WFH as a business continuity approach. So, what's new is that "WFH is a NEW NORMAL". Implications are huge, both from organizational objective perspectives as well leaders' and employees' perspectives. 

In this program, you will learn: How to set healthy work/life boundaries? How to schedule your workday? How to create and organize your home office or workspace? How to navigate distractions in the home? How to increase your productivity and work efficiently. How to set your goals and prioritize? How to maintain motivation while working from home? Learn the importance of self-care as related to working from home.

Managing Emotions in Difficult Times

Emotions are the primary drivers impacting almost every aspects of life because it impacts our perceptions as well as our responses. No wonder it impacts our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being, our relationships, personal effectiveness. 

In this program you learn the science and impact of stress, how to build and apply social and emotional skills and strategies for managing the emotions, not only for self but for others as well. This program will also provide relevant ideas and resources which can help people manage situations during difficult and uncertain times . 

Conflict Management  

Conflict management is basically a set of strategies and approach that is taken to achieving a positive outcome for a given context, which caters to all the parties involved in the matter of conflict. In the absence of the same, conflict can ruin the relationships, jeopardising the very objective of the initiative or the organisation. 

This program is a complete departure from the hackneyed approach in  dealing with the very source of the conflict, which help not only resolving the conflict towards a positive outcome, but will help transform the conflict into a great opportunity for growth, in most of the contexts. 

Managing Self and Relationship

Relations is one of the most critical aspect of life, both in personal as well as professional domain. And what is at the core of all relationship? It is the relationship with self. Hence managing self in the difficult and uncertain times, is probability one the greatest skills required for the Individuals at all levels , and extremely desirable for Leaders and Managers. 

This program offers some unique distinctions which help in building self awareness, emotional intelligence and social skills to manage self and relationships. This Program is based on heavy research in the fields such as, Behavioral Neurosciences, Positive Psychology, Process Works and Psychometry. 

Dealing with Stress and Overwhelm

Dealing with the Stress and Overwhelm is an old problem for the humanity but Pandemic has added a whole new dimension to it, and hence there is greater urgency  in dealing with stress , anxiety and overwhelm, employees are facing at this time. It's a new world order, challenging very fundamental practices, norms, and all this  with added uncertainty . 

 It's clear that, those handling the stress and overwhelm better are able to perform better in these circumstances compared to those who are unable to handle stress and overwhelm properly. 

This program deals with some very powerful and effective means of handling stress and overwhelm in immediate terms at the same time help in developing right perspectives in life to handle stress and overwhelm in general. The program draws heavily from the recent scientific research on human psycho-neurological aspects, yogic practices and some very proven approaches. 

Building Trust 

Trust is the foundation for building strong relationships, creating a positive work culture and high performance teams. On the other side where there is no trust , it becomes very stressful situation where people generally show up as unreliable, uncommunicative, manipulative, disloyal and inconsistent in their action as well as there disposition. 

Building trustworthy environment, both at systemic as well as at individual level, require careful and comprehensive approach. One of the added challenge for the organisations is to establish and maintain trust in the POST-COVID and WFH (Work From Home) situation which is fast becoming a new Normal.  

This Program deals with some of the key aspects which can help builds the trust factor among the individuals in any setup and gradually help establish a healthy work culture. This program will help identifying the warning signals of the lack of trust at the same time will discuss the key factors requires to build the trust such as professional competence, Integrity, fairness, transparency empathy, reliability etc. 


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Almost all possible model of delivery. Live online , In-person, byte wise leraning (Platforms such as Udemy, Coursera) 

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Programs can be administered through subscription based user management through the entire learning cycle. 

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