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About Transhuman Online Academy

Transhuman Consulting is an upcoming name in the field of Transformative Interventions both for an individual as well as for organizations. The Holistic and Humanistic approach is fundamental to everything that we do. We believe that transformation of an organization is only possible through the transformation of individuals, leaders, and stakeholders. It is by unleashing the hidden potential of individuals only, that we can truly unleash the possibilities of an organization. Almost all our interventions, be it, Personal Growth Initiative, Leadership Development, Coaching or OD Intervention, Executive Coaching, Team Coaching starts with an explorative inward journey, building inner alignment and congruency to achieve the desired outcome outside. 

Transhuman Online Academy, on the other hand, is helping the organizations and individuals together to make the maximum value of the rich interventions developed over time, by providing the same through ONLINE channels be it Live Webinars, Recorded Media, One-on-One Sessions using the cutting edge eLearning Platform. 

What Do We Stand For? 


To establish TransHuman Consulting as one of the most trusted partners in the transformational journey of an individual and organizations worldwide.


Integrity and Trust: Being able to “Walk the Talk” and deliver what is committed all the time to earn the unflinching trust, faith, and goodwill of the client

Transparency: Being open, frank, and transparent in every interaction and transaction with the client

Courage: Have the courage to speak the truth and be truthful to the client all the time.

Customer Delight: Being passionate about exceeding the expectations of our client in every interface/transaction and delivering more than promised.

Excellence: Strive for excellence in everything that we do to enable our clients. Continuously learn to enhance our quality and nature of services. 

why Transhuman Consulting

We have gained popularity for the programs and sessions we offer. Transhuman Consulting offers, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Relationship, Wellness Coaching, and Life Coaching, Leadership Development Programs/Workshops, Organisation Development (OD) interventions, holistic Individual Development Plans (IDP), Wellness Initiatives, Counselling, Mentoring among others while integrating knowledge from spiritual insights, ancient texts, and western pragmatism.

Apart from the above-mentioned offerings, for Individuals, Transhuman Consulting also offers various OPEN Programs Online/On-site/Hybrid mode which is of general interest along with Counselling and Mentoring Sessions on one on one basis through its esteem panel of experts and coaches. 

The course of actions in our interventions is sculpted by expert coaches and consultants, who abide by the philosophy of facilitating a deep-rooted understanding and exploring the ‘inside out journey of each and every individual and organization that associates with us. These are made possible by performing various activities such as Yoga, Human Process Lab, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Theosophy, Ontological distinctions, Anthroposophy, Energy Modalities, and many others. To put it briefly, Transhuman is a one-stop platform that aims to transform lives and businesses and help them march towards positive furtherance through traditional and non-traditional approaches.

About the Founder 


Paritosh Sharan is an experienced and Certified Life & Executive Coach, Wellness Coach, OD Consultant, Counsellor, Transformational Speaker, Master Practitioner, and Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Paritosh is also the Regional Director for The Alpha Group International, a world's leading Peer-to-Peer Executive Board, helping SMEs and Startup organizations grow their businesses in India.   

He comes with more than 27 years of overall experience where he spent more than 22 years in leading Organisations such as TATA Steel, Oracle Corporation, Satyam, Tech Mahindra, and HCL Technologies. In his career, he worked in various domains such as Plant Operations and Maintenance, Supply Chain, Process and IT Consulting, IT & ITES, Customer Relationship Management Global Alliances, and Partnership Management, Humanities.

Paritosh Sharan is also a Marshal Goldsmith & Global Coaching Group certifies Executive and Team Coach. For his interventions, he draws from the various domain of Knowledge such as Psycho-Neurology, Human Process Work, NLP, Vedanta, Theosophy, Energy Healing Modalities, Yoga, and Ayurveda (Life Sciences). His Mission is to Live Consciously and Live a life that is Meaningful and inspires others to do the same. To fulfill his mission he founded Transhuman Consulting, and along with his like-minded consultants, started offering interventions to Individuals as well as Organisation

Transhuman Online Academy provides transformational and non-conventional interventions for the Individuals and the Organisations on the online formats. Read More...

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