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Over Two Decades of Experience Advising Leaders to Transform Organizations

Consenrich Consulting brings over two decades of experience and expertise in Leadership Consulting and helps organizations develop their unique cultures for higher performance, build a strong leadership pipeline and plan succession better.

Leadership Consulting

Helping business leaders to enhance their leadership and strengthen their teams to execute your organization’s strategic and cultural priorities

Succession Planning

Clarify, enhance, and implement highly effective succession strategies and planning processes that help mitigate risk & drive a seamless succession

Transformational Leadership

Develop and equip dedicated and accountable executives with effective leadership skills that enhance organizational performance

Corporate Governance

Increase corporate output & secure a long-term competitive edge through corporate governance solutions in line with your business goals

Woman Leadership Quotient

Unleash the potential of Woman Leadership in thought and talent across companies, teams, and departments to innovate faster and better results.


With constantly changing business dynamics, businesses face the need to enhance their leadership capabilities and synergies at the Board and Executive levels to create powerful & highly effective strategies that lead to consistent growth. Leadership decisions often involve people matters which are complex to comprehend. At the same time, such decisions that impact the organization’s people are amongst the most impactful that can make or break an organization.

Advising on these decisions as well as the evolution and alignment of top executives, demand extremely high levels of confidentiality and trust. Therefore, an independent boutique advisory firm would be the preferred option.

Consenrich Consulting has been helping organizations align their leadership and talent with their strategy. As such, the boutique advisory is uniquely positioned to support distinct demand for independent guidance on strategies regarding company boards, leadership, on the development and alignment of high-level executives and high performing individuals and teams in organizations.

Our Team

A well-experienced leadership advisory team, our consultants and partners have spent over two decades in guiding businesses to excellence, through leadership initiatives, as they don the hat of trusted advisors to several noted organizations. Their key focus area has been to unlock organizational capabilities using business and behavioral interventions.


The leaders need to assume collective responsibility for the state of the business

Employees don’t leave companies, they leave bosses. Employee centricity is the need of the hour

In the face of criticism. Critically analyze self first

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