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Paritosh Sharan is an accomplished Executive & Life Coach, OD Consultant, Counselor, Master Practitioner, Trainer of NLP, Keynote, and Motivational Speaker. With over three decades of experience in leading individuals and organizations toward success, he has developed a unique blend of expertise that has helped countless individuals achieve their goals and aspirations.

At Paritosh Sharan, part of the business entity Transhuman Consulting we believe that every individual has the potential to achieve greatness. Our coaching and counseling approach is highly experiential, providing individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to tap into their full potential. We utilize various streams of interventions, including Ontology, neuro-based research on human behavior, human process work, energy work, NLP, and hypnosis, to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

At Paritosh Sharan, we're passionate about helping you achieve success. Whether you're seeking personal or professional development, we have the skills necessary to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals and aspirations!

What do we offer?

Personal Development 

Leadership Development 

Organisational Development 


Relationship Masterclass

5 Keys to Managing Self And Relationships - Decode Your Relationship Dynamics

Learn about 5 Key fundamental aspects which are at the core of all your relationships, mostly impacting and shaping your life experiences on a daily basis. 

RE-INVENT Your Life MasterClass

Start Your 2nd Inning 

Learn what it takes to Re-imagine, Re-design, and Re-create a whole new life experience for yourself anytime under any situation. The three Stage Processes can lead you towards a life you truly wanted to live.


Heart and Mind of an Entrepreneur  

At the core of a Successful Entrepreneur is the Heart and Mind of an Entrepreneur, more than anything else. This very ingredient separates them from others. Decoding the mindset will help you become what you want to become in the entrepreneurial journey.

MIND Your Health  

Heal Yourself through your mind  

Learn the fundamental of holistic wellness and how one can achieve it. Your Body is the purest reflection of your subconscious mind. Learn how the mind impacts from epigenetics to neuroplasticity and manifests diseases at all levels be it Psychological, Emotional, or Physical..

RELATIONSHIP Intensive - Live Online

 Starting on 02 April 2023   

A 12-week-long Intense Relationship Coaching Program that can transform all your relationships. A complete guided and assisted program through group and individual one-on-one sessions.

Only 16 Seats Per Batch 

RE-INVENT Your Life Intensive - Live Online

 Starting on 8th April 2022 

A Life Envisioning and Manifestation Program, a unique Life Transforming online program, delivered over a period of 12 weeks, aimed at aligning Mind, Body, and Spirit so manifest a life you truly want to live. LIVE LIFE CONSCIOUSLY.

Only 16 Seats Per Batch 


3 Days Onsite Relationship Bootcamp, Hyderabad 

Experience the defining and most transformative journey of exploring self and your relationships, through inner work, crucial conversations, and most powerful modalities to interpersonal dynamics. Path-Breaking approach to transforming your relationship with self, with others, and with your god. 

Only 16 Seats Per batch 

Life Mentoring Program  

Join the Mentorship Program 

All you need at times is a mentor for life who can be your committed stand, a guide, and a sounding board, who can help you bring the best out of you.  Specifically designed as a long-term intervention for specific themes in a life Mentorship program for an years A 12-week-long Intense Relationship. Schedule a call to know more about it.

Schedule a 15 Minute Call with Paritosh Sharan 

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Transhuman Online Academy brings its years of Experience in designing world-class Interventions through the use of technology to support learning through the most optimal and effective platform. 

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World Class Learnings Platform supporting Online and Offline Support 

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Delivered through Proven Methodology and Approach.

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Assisted Learning, including Live Seasons 

Transhuman Online Academy provides transformational and non-conventional interventions for the Individuals and the Organisations on the online formats. Read More...

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